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Families | Hampton Roads, VA – Part 3

  • Feb, 24 2014
  • By Jenna Miller
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Since being on maternity leave, I’ve decided it’s time to update the blog.  The upcoming sessions are from this past year in Florida, and what better time to reminisce than in the middle of winter!

My favorite thing about doing business in Florida was the fact that the majority of my clients were vacationers.  My best childhood memories were family vacations; so I felt a bit nostalgic at every session, getting a glimpse at these joyful families and the memories they were making.

It was such a pleasure to photograph this family of three generations.  I absolutely love when grandparents are a part of a session.  It is so neat to see the resemblance in their kids and grand kids, but what’s even neater is the love and pride for their family that shines from within them.  They have the most genuine smiles and the camera (and this photographer) loves that!  To see everyone interacting together is priceless…it makes for a beautiful session and this family proved just that!






  • Sep, 02 2013
  • By Jenna Miller
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It is always such an honor when someone chooses me to photograph their family.  There are plenty of photographers out there to choose from nowadays, so it makes one feel pretty special.  Now when a fellow photographer asks you to photograph their family (and one you look up to greatly) it is an exceptional honor…and also a little intimidating!

That’s how I felt when Alice Park asked me to photograph her family.  I was extremely honored, very excited, and a little nervous.  I mean, Alice is like the wonder woman of photographers.  She balances being a wife and mother while running a successful business and she also happens to be the founder of NAPCP.  Besides being uber talented, she is just so sweet and down to earth – and her family is just as wonderful.

So I feel a little silly now admitting I was nervous about our session.  Alice has such a calm, kind spirit, so naturally I felt at ease as soon as our session began.  We shot at the lovely Rosemary Beach just before sunset, and I couldn’t be happier with how the photos turned out.  I had so much fun during our session, and left feeling excited and inspired.

Alice is truly a gem, and I am so thankful I had the opportunity to connect with her again and photograph her beautiful family.  Make sure to check out her work here, and enjoy the photos!

  • May, 03 2013
  • By Jenna Miller
  • Babies, Families

Get ready for photo overload! When it comes to blogging a session, I can’t just pick a favorite photo or two and move on – especially with a session as adorable as this one!

For her husband’s upcoming birthday, Amanda wanted to surprise him with photos of her and their boys. Being such a sweet and beautiful group, I was beyond excited when she asked me to take the photos. The icing on the cake? The awesome location…in their backyard. Can you believe this is their backyard? I about died when I saw the dock. Needless to say, I’m sure I’ll be back again to use this awesome space!

As far as photography goes, you all probably notice how much I love to use the sun to create a bright, hazy look. But I also love me a rich, colorful edit too. The backdrop and lighting created the perfect recipe to achieve just that. Although, I did incorporate the haze for the last few shots.


  • Feb, 28 2013
  • By Jenna Miller
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Last fall, while staying in San Antonio for my husband’s training, I had the opportunity to photograph this adorable family.  Not being too familiar with San Antonio, a photographer friend told me about Brackenridge Park, so that was the location we decided on.  I am a little bit obsessed with shades of purple and blue against green foliage, so naturally I was thrilled when the family showed up and I saw their outfit choices.

It had been overcast all day and I was nervous it would rain on us.  Luckily, it held off and the sun even peeked out at the very end of the session.

The session was a breeze.  When you pair a beautiful family with a beautiful location – you know your photos are bound to be lovely!