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DIY Branding & Packaging :: Panama City, FL Photography | Hampton Roads, VA

  • Mar, 26 2013
  • By Jenna Miller
  • Personal, Products, Uncategorized

After almost two years in business, I have finally formed a brand that I think best represents me and my work!  It wasn’t easy, as there were many times that I almost threw in the towel and hired someone to do it for me.  But in the end, I think taking the DIY route was worth it!  In this post, I will go into further detail and explain where I got my supplies and which vendors I used for my non DIY items.  Hopefully this will inspire people out there that have been thinking of tackling their own branding!

1.  Business Cards

As a person that likes to live minimally (a.k.a. a neat freak) I like to keep things simple…even when it comes to my business.  I decided on the folded business card from MpixPro because I wanted to showcase a picture from each genre that I photograph – families, couples, maternity, and newborns.  The front would feature my logo, and my contact info would be displayed on the back.  Clean and simple.  I had it printed on the pearl paper because I absolutely love how my photos look with the subtle sheen that it provides.  It makes it a little more fancy, which is fun. I also rounded the corners and tied some twine in the middle for some extra flair…I’m not sure if I’ll keep the twine, but for now it works.

2.  Custom CD Sleeves

The cd sleeves are not DIY,  I actually had them custom made from Etsy.  The seller is Bent Tree Studios and you can find their website here.  The sleeves feature my logo on the front, print release information on the back, and turquoise stitching along the perimeter.  The reason they look a little bit off is because I taped on craft paper with my new logo to hide my old logo that was originally printed on them.  Yes, I am a little embarrassed to admit I have had three logos since I began my business, but my most recent one is definitely a keeper.  It was designed by Jack + Molly Creative and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out!

3. Thank You Cards

Since I love to paint, I actually incorporated some hand painted elements into the design of my thank you cards and marketing materials.  Using watercolor (the whole theme of my brand) I tested different colors and techniques on paper and canvas.  Since the paper curled up on the edges, I knew they wouldn’t work well for thank you cards.  And obviously canvas wouldn’t work either since it’s so flexible.  Once the paint was dry, I scanned them onto my computer and then digitally enhanced the paint and added the white wording.  I printed them onto white card stock, rounded the edges, and voila!

4.  Burlap Bags

The whole gist of my look is soft, artistic, and timeless but with a touch of vintage.  With the watercolor and large of amount of white space in my website and marketing, I was looking for the perfect touch of vintage to add to my packaging.  When I came upon this great post from Silverbox Creative, I was immediately inspired and knew the burlap bags would be the perfect touch!  And also a nifty little something the client could find a use for.   I ordered the 6×10 sacks from Gempler’s and they fit my cd sleeves and info cards perfectly!  I also printed out the flower from my logo and made tags, and attached with twine to personalize it more.

5.  Tissue Paper

The colors of my brand are turquoise, pink and peach with turquoise being the dominant color.  I found just the perfect shade of tissue paper at Hobby Lobby to wrap it all up.  With a piece of twine tied around it, it makes it just a little bit prettier while keeping everything together.

And that is my post on my DIY packaging.  I am still looking for some type of goodie to add in there for the client, but I can’t decide if it should be a  photo product or something edible.  Once I figure that out, I am sure I will share it on here.  I hope some have found this post helpful!