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Maternity – Part 2

  • Dec, 06 2013
  • By Jenna Miller
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With my due date only a few days around the corner, I thought I would share some of our maternity photos before I start posting newborn photos!  These were taken when I was 36 weeks pregnant.   I had hoped to take them sooner (before I started swelling!) but with the move and hubby being gone over three weeks that just didn’t happen.  I also really hoped to hire someone, but in the midst of the chaos we ended up taking them ourselves.

One good thing about taking them ourselves – we had a lot of fun!  At times we felt a little ridiculous setting the timer and posing ourselves, but we definitely had some good laughs.  Pretty sure our curious viewers watching from inside their cars were entertained too.  The downfall of taking them yourself, is that you just can’t get very creative.  It’s almost impossible to get detail shots and interesting composition when you have to focus then run into the frame within ten seconds.  And the posing – although we planned out how to stand before we took each picture, you really don’t know how it looks until after you take the shot and can review the photo…and sometimes it takes several attempts of running back and forth until you get one you like!   This is where I really wish I had hired someone.

I’m at least thankful that we were still able to get some shots during the most beautiful time of year here in Virginia.  The gold, red and orange hues of autumn are undeniably gorgeous!

  • Jun, 21 2013
  • By Jenna Miller
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When Lindsey contacted me to do her maternity photos, I was so excited because I had heard her story and had been praying for her, but had yet to meet her.

Lindsey is a fellow photographer from South Carolina and also a Savvy Sister, but she attended the fall workshop while I attended the one in February.  Although we hadn’t met before, having both been through the amazing Savvy Photographer Workshop, I felt as though we already had a connection because of that.  There really is a special bond between the Savvy Sisters!

Back in April, Lindsey was diagnosed with colon cancer while also being 17 weeks pregnant.  Within a week she underwent surgery to have the tumor removed.

Her surgery was successful, and the cancer was removed.

But her journey is not over yet, as she will undergo 12 rounds of chemo over the next several months.

Please send positive thoughts and prayers to this sweet, beautiful mama to be and her family.  You can also keep up with her journey and find ways to help here:

Upon meeting Lindsey and her husband Jay, the love between these two was so apparent, and it comforted me to know she has such a loving and supportive partner through all of this.  You would have never known what Lindsey was going through by watching these two together – their session was all smiles, laughter, hugs and kisses.  I had so much fun and felt so comfortable working with them, and am absolutely honored to have captured these moments for them.

  • Jun, 05 2013
  • By Jenna Miller
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I was recently going through old photos and I can’t believe I never blogged this session!  It was taken almost a year ago…yeah I have no excuse for that!

This beautiful little mama became a really good friend of mine while we were stationed in Del Rio, Texas – where I officially started my photography business.  In a vastly competitive field, she welcomed me with open arms and helped me in so many ways.  It was amazing to connect with another local photographer, receive support and bounce ideas off of each other.  We teamed up together and did several boudoir marathons together too which were SO much fun!

Vanessa was due with her second child right around the time we were due to move to Florida, and we had been wanting to get some shots before we parted ways.  One evening, the stars aligned and we were able to make it happen, although we didn’t have much sunlight left since I ran over during my previous session (per usual!)  I wish we had more time and more light, but luckily we still managed to get some beautiful shots!

Vanessa was the first photographer friend I made along this journey, and I am so fortunate to have met her.  She is such a sweet and talented girl and I wish we had more time together!  Be sure to check out her page!

Vanessa Salas Photography