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Defining Home

The Christmas décor finally came down this weekend.  While I love the warmth and light it provided, I am loving the sense of simplicity that putting it all away has brought.  Less material clutter equals less mind clutter – am I right?  Less is more.

I feel like I have finally narrowed down my style – or at least the elements that define my style.  (Carved wood, clean lines, and light neutral colors; to name a few.)  And our Alaska home is (so far) the home that has felt the most like “us.”  I have just a few more projects to complete, to help get it as close as possible to my vision for the place.

Home is where my family lives and my family is everything to me.  Maybe this is why making a house a home has personally always been incredibly fun and of importance.  I’ve been pondering to myself what “home” really means and shared a few thoughts below.

Your home is your refuge.   A safe haven for your family from the ever changing elements outside.  A retreat to provide peace and comfort when life gets hard.

Your home is an extension of yourself.  A canvas to fill with the colors, shapes and textures that are pleasing to your eye.  A place to reflect the lives and ideas of those who dwell there.

Home is also a feeling.  A feeling of love…security…comfort…familiarity.

There is a song that goes “home is wherever I’m with you.”  I am sure most people can attest to that statement – I know I can.  We have lived in 5 homes in 5 states over the past 7 years and every place has felt like “home.”  When you are with the one(s) whom your soul loves, you can happily make a home wherever you are planted.